My Artist Statement

Inspired By Nature

It is truly exciting to be able to share some of my images with you and I hope that you as the viewer are equally inspired by encountering these photographs as I have been in capturing them. When consciously taking photos, like most things in life that are worthwhile, I soon discovered that it is more about the journey, the experience and emotions that accompany that journey, than the mere end product. I welcome everyone who wishes to travel with me into the incredible natural world that has evolved throughout the ages and which will hopefully continue to do so for longer than we can imagine. PerrySandhills_NSW_111015_0033_crsEven though this landscape and seascape, along with the animals, insects and birds is free for all to experience when and where we wish, not everyone is able to immerse themselves into that extraordinary experience whenever they desire to do so. Therefore, my aim is to have that comforting, reflective, awe-inspiring experience ooze off the images that I capture so that everyone at any time can get as close to nature as is possible without physically being present.

Though there is some post processing happening in the so-called digital darkroom, this is kept to minimum and its only purpose is to give the viewer a legitimate presentation of the experience I felt when in the field capturing the image.

White-winged_Fairywren_male_Bowra_July19_3095_crsMy main focus has always been the Australian landscape and  seascape; however, I am gradually adding our bird and animal species to my portfolio. Capturing birds in the wild is a whole different ball game to taking photographs of a fixed landscape and requires much patience as well as at times a speedy reaction. It is certainly challenging but once that magical moment is frozen in time it is also incredibly rewarding. Each bird and every animal species is amazingly unique just as we are and is equally precious.

Sharing the story of my photography is about sharing my passion for our Earth and all Werribee Southliving beings and to bring home the message that we are to handle what has been given to us with extreme care so that those who follow will be able to enjoy it just as much as we now can. The sense of freedom and joy that the natural world can give us is something we cannot experience anywhere else. The majesty and awe that we feel when we allow ourselves to be connected to all that surrounds us brings an innate awareness of something much more powerful and greater than ourselves. It is my wish that my images will inspire the viewer towards stillness and contemplation. This is a skill to be valued and treasured in our fast-paced and electronic age of instant material gratification.

Thank you for taking the time to observe my photographic art works.


4 Responses to My Artist Statement

  1. Chris says:

    Keep up the good work in bringing truly magnificent photos to our attention. Best wishes.

  2. Malda says:

    That shot of of the Werribee river from the K-rd cliffs is my go to when I can’t get to the real thing! Thanks Emmy

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