Coaster Sets

High Quality Heat Resistant Coaster Sets – $28

Each set consists of 4 coasters with the same image
10x10cm rounded edges – 3mm thick – gloss laminated.

Currently in stock is one set of the above image and two sets of the
Australian Hoverfly as shown here:

The images below can be ordered as a set of 4 or individually
Feel free to contact me if there is a different image that you are interested in.
Individual coasters are $8.00 (excludes P&H)

AustralianWhiteIbis_CoasterSet BellMiner_CoasterSet CapeBarrenGoose_CoasterSet CrimsonRosella_CoasterSet EasternYellowRobin_CoasterSet Emu_withChicks_CoasterSet GoldenWhistler_CoasterSet GreyFantail_Juvenile_CoasterSet Kookaburra_CoasterSet Magpie_CoasterSet Mallee Ringneck_CoasterSet MistyWinterMorning_CoasterSet RainbowLorikeet_CoasterSet RainbowLorikeet_CoasterSet_1 Red-rumpedParrot_Female_CoasterSet Silvereye_CoasterSet Sulphur-crestedCockatoo_CoasterSet SupurbFairyWren_CoasterSet White-facedHeron_CoasterSet