Emmy Silvius
My name is Emmy Silvius and I currently live in Melbourne.
I absolutely love the Australian natural landscape with its amazing array of fauna and flora and always feel uplifted and energised when able to immerse myself in the midst of it.
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to be able to share my passion by bringing joy, peace and a realisation of the inspiring beauty that surrounds us to all who experience my work.

Our lives are often filled with lots of noise and activity. Imagine being able to divert your gaze to a piece of art that evokes contemplation and provides respite for as long as you desire. If any of my images can achieve this for you then my goal will have been accomplished. Click to read my Artist Statement.


Latest News 

♦  My most recent photo book – Inspired by Birds – can be viewed here

♦  Coasters are now available to purchase individually – click here


Check out my VIDEO of these New Holland Honeyeaters wrestling in my backyard.
Some of the individual images have been uploaded to my newly added “BIRD” Page


Massive Discounts on Ex Demo Prints

Some prints have been used during exhibitions however they are in good order and would make a delightful addition to your home.

Some examples:

South Werribee 40x50cm canvasMarysville post Black Saturday 50x40cm canvasMarysville post Black Saturday 50x40cm canvas


* Werribee River
* Marysville – post Black Saturday (2 separate images)
* Grampians – above the clouds
* Mt Buffalo – sunset
* Murray River

Click Special Offer Existing Prints for a complete list


Be sure to check out the pages on this site to see what is available.
Thank you for your interest and happy viewing!

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email if you Emmy-Sivilius-Rack-Card-FINAL-[Converted]have specific queries. Do check out my Facebook page for regular photographic news and updates and don’t forget to click the “Like” tab ….https://i0.wp.com/cleaner-and-launderer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Facebook-Like_zpszniov66a-1.png
Mobile:       0420 330 786
Email:         emmy@oznatureshots.com
Facebook:   EmmySilviusPhotography


Fairy Wrens  Fairy Wrens
Click here to view a video of grooming Fairy Wrens.  These adorable creatures seemed uninhibited by my presence as I took photos of them.  Later I uploaded these photos in low resolution to PowerPoint and then saved them as a video to make it easier
to share.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did at the time.


One Response to Welcome

  1. The photos are delightful Emmy, you are a very gifted photographer. Anything that brings the beauty of our world to the attention of more people is a great gift to humanity. No doubt it is also a help to encourage many to protect our environment. It is obvious you love your work…….keep it up!
    God bless you and your talent
    Sr Roberta

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