DVD “Our Earth Our Home”

Our Earth - Our HomeDVD “Our Earth – Our Home”
Creation Spirituality for the 21st Century

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Examples of feedback received by those who have viewed the DVD:

> Congratulations!  I was absolutely blown away by your presentation.
No exaggeration.  It is a jaw-dropping wonder.  I am not sure where to begin to describe my first impressions…
Should I comment on the Incredible photography that dovetailed so well with the text, visually deepening an understanding of its message?  Should I laud the text that, while it read so easily, retained and drove home the heart and soul of the message so often lost in theological gobbledygook?  Should I marvel at how well so many topics in creation spirituality were addressed, making the whole presentation far greater than the sum of its parts – though each section stands a jewel on its own?  Should I thank God that the authors of the DVD gave so much time, talent and personal energy to the execution of a disc that will undoubtedly become an indispensable component for all serious parish, small group or personal efforts at regaining what has been lost or omitted in Christian education? (I speak as a Catholic but the program is all-inclusive)

> Thank you for the DVD, ‘Our Earth, Our Home’. What a lot of work you have done. I look forward to using this wonderful resource. Here in New Zealand, we are equally passionate about the care of the environment. The Church has a vital role in helping us to understand our interconnectedness with all creation. Thank you for prompting this necessary work.

> I received the DVD today – and what a fantastic disk it is.  I particularly liked the fact there was no voice over to the reflections –  makes so much of change to be allowed your own head space instead of being ‘told’ what to think!
I will certainly let people know about Creation Spirituality.

> Your DVD arrived safely and I’ve enjoyed the beauty of the presentations on my mini computer with speakers attached. It must have been a labour of love for you putting it all together and great that the parish supported it.

I wanted to share with you both how fantastic I think your presentation is.  I have finally gotten around to watching the whole DVD and I am very impressed.  Beautiful, creative, challenging and based on a God of love!  Creation Spirituality is so in touch with our own Breastplate (Breastplate of St Patrick) spirituality and I intend to use it when I head to Kenya to teach in our Novitiate later in the year. 

> I am very impressed by your professional presentation and lovely photography. Well done!

> It was wonderful to hear and see theology from the feminine view point and what brilliant photography.

PLUS: After receiving a copy of the DVD Elizabeth Johnson wrote the following to us:
Many warm thanks for sending me the finished DVD “Our Earth – Our Home.” It is well-done and beautiful, and hopefully will reach the mind and hearts of many people. You deserve to be congratulated! I hope it has wings and goes far.

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