Emmy Silvius
My name is Emmy Silvius and I currently live in Melbourne.
I absolutely love our Australian landscape and always feel uplifted and energised when I venture outdoors with my camera in hand.
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to be able to share my passion by bringing joy, peace and a realisation of the amazing beauty that surrounds us to all who experience my work.

Our lives are often filled with lots of noise and activity. Imagine being able to divert your gaze to a piece of work that evokes contemplation and provides respite for as long as you desire. If any of my images can achieve this for you then my goal will have been accomplished.

Sunrise Ballina 19_LargeCrop_WM
Be sure to check out the pages on this site to see what is available.
Thank you for your interest and happy viewing!
Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email if you have specific queries Emmy-Sivilius-Rack-Card-FINAL-[Converted]
Mobile:       0420 330 786
Email:         emmy@oznatureshots.com
Facebook:  EmmySilviusPhotography



Each month I will be offering one of my existing prints at a specially discounted price.
If more than one person expresses interest by the closing date then one name will be drawn out of a hat by a third party and all who entered will be informed of the outcome shortly thereafter.

Grampians_AboveTheClouds_MaySpecialThe May special is a 50 x 40cm canvas print called “Above the Clouds”. It was taken at the Grampians National Park in Victoria.
Normal price is $175, but until
COB on Friday 29 May 2015
it will be offered for $105 (plus postage if required).
So a saving of 40%

Let me know via email or phone if you would like to accept the above offer.
I am happy to give you a call to discuss in more detail if you have any queries.

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